Any of the following items that our creative team designs and makes, separates You from the concurrence and leaves a memorable impression to potential consumer/ user of the service.

Creating visual identities:

Design of company’s sign and logo
Application on basic means of communication (memo, envelope, bill, business card)

Design of promotional means:

idea solutions for means of direct marketing (catalogs, brochures, prospects..)
idea solutions of exterior advertising means (posters, panels, boards, flags..)
idea solutions of advertising material (calendars, folders, badges, stickers)
Packaging design
Newspaper ads production

Computer preparation for printing all sorts of publication

Books, monographs, magazines...


Advertising material ( business cards, envelopes, folders, catalogs, posters, flyers, stickers, commercial blocks, CD covers, calendars)
Publication (magazines, books, monographs..)
Digital print of big formats
Sito print (lighters, agendas, pencils, pendants)